Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Year of the Indie Rock Guitar Solo

I'm so glad John Darnielle pointed out in this (hilarious) recent post what a great year this has been for indie rock guitar solos. I haven't gotten around to sampling The Woods yet (shame on me, I know, A & O), but I've been thinking much the same thing about Face the Truth (OMG—"No More Shoes," motherfuckers!!!) and Peyton Pinkerton's expert work on Discover a Lovelier You. Anybody have any other favorites from this year that I may have missed?

Just like Dan Rydell not wanting anyone to tell him the outcome of Orlando Rojas's big game pitching for the Orioles until he has a chance to watch the videotape of it with Rebecca later that night (that reference was for you, Giddy), please, no one tell me anything about the new Death Cab album until I have a chance to listen to it myself. I know it's been available to stream online for a week or two now, but I'd like to do the whole "buy the CD and read the liner notes and listen to it in one sitting with my headphones on" ritual before I start reading other opinions and reviews. (I'm afraid to even look at the numerical rating Pitchfork gave it.) In my mind, it's going to be hard to top the intricate, breathtaking complexity of the masterpiece that is Transatlanticism, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what the boys have done with their newly increased budget and resources.

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omnipresent "O" said...

SHAME INDEED. Get thee to the woods, woman!

Especially for all your pro-girl bravado... leave the indie boy bands be for a few hours. :) They'll still be there when you come back, but meanwhile, "The Woods" is as bold as love, hot like hades, raw, poignant, but with big, beautiful child rearing hips.

If not for yourself, do it for the children. or something. Jesus... need. more. coffee. not. Making. Sense.