Thursday, September 01, 2005

Current Events Give Me Gas

I've always liked the Handlebar, but this makes me like the place even more: behold the Inverse Petrol-O-Matic Beer Pricing Scheme (via Gapers Block).

Does this really, really, actually, for-real-this-time mark the end of the road for CBGB's? If so, I suggest you dry your eyes with a copy of From the Velvets to the Voidoids.

What the fuck is going on over at Tiny Mix Tapes?

I have absolutely nothing insightful or profound to say about the whole ridiculously horrible Katrina thing. I'm having a difficult time simply processing the magnitude of what's going on down there, much less being able to talk about it in a way that doesn't just sound cribbed from Heart of Darkness. Has anyone made any donations or gotten involved with any relief schemes of note? If you have, please share your experience with the rest of the class. I'd like to figure out how I can deal productively with my sadness and support the community in a meaningful and appropriate way.


O said...

I've donated to the Red Cross (available via their own site, Amazon 1-click, or the iTunes Music Store.) All three are direct contributions.

I feels like a shallow, empty handed contribution, but its one I could make, and make fast.

Since Atlanta is close than some places, we're got some shelters here that will be taking in some load, and our school systems are expected to have some new additions. As organization starts to occur around these parts, I hope to try and help some of our local refugees....

Anonymous said...

umm, I know that Lutheran World Relief has an outpost in Baton Rouge. not sure what specific things they're focusing on, but i generally trust their efforts and feel like they use funds responsibly. (
i agree that any words i have of response sound canned. though i am kinda pissed at media who keep making comments about how shocking it is to "see this in America." well, okay, in your white-on-white suburb...

i also think as vacant as writing a check feels, its something.
and ardent prayers.