Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Band...or Panda?

< Strong Bad voice > Oh holy craaaaaaaap!< /Strong Bad voice > Best ever: from the Academy Awards wrap-up issue of Entertainment Weekly, behold the "Band...or Panda?" quiz! I nearly peed on myself when I saw this. So funny.

Seriously, what gives (or doesn't give, for that matter), Tennessee? (Via)

OMG, MySpace is sooo dunzo! Sign me up for Isolatr. (Via) Definitely the new hotness. (That was for you, Mac, the only person who appreciates my busted four-year-old slang!)


wunderkind said...

yeah, xiu xiu.

brendan said...

Myspace is old and busted. Xiu Xiu is the new hotness! Actually Animal Collective is the new hotness. I mena, Xiu Xiu haven't put out a record in at least five months!