Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sasha Knows

Yes, the blogosphere is still echoing with rumbles of rumination about Kanye's live-TV outburst. But when it's S/FJ, you perk up your ears, goddamn it:

Tying the tin cans of Bush's racism to the getaway Caddy of Bush's corporate wedding? Shows you that...dipshits who wanna dismiss hip-hop as bloviation simply can't see the fire, or the water.

I eat my small-minded words. The Long Winters' song "Ultimatum" is all kinds of crazy-gorgeous. For such beauty, I ask forgiveness for my whinging impatience.

Liz Janes was fine and all, but now I'm sad we missed Laura Veirs when she opened for Sufjan the day before we went to the show. Stereogum was right to declare her the new hotness, if the lovely "Fire Snakes" (MP3 available on Aurgasm) is any indication.


Brendan said...

I love saying "new hotness" although I stopped because nobody got the reference.

Also, Walkmen show last night was nice. Some of their new songs are very nice.

allison said...

Did Hamilton fall off the stage? He fell off the stage within, maybe, the first five minutes of the show when we saw them here in early '04. I think my reaction probably should have been "whoa, rock 'n' roll, dude!" but, instead, I was just a neurotic little old lady about it, too nervous to fully enjoy the rest of the music because I was so worried he was going to fall again and hurt himself.