Friday, March 24, 2006

Your Attention Please

Since I've been having spectacularly bad luck lately getting tickets to shows before they sell out (I'm crushed to be missing both The National and Neko Case in Chicago this month because I refuse to use Ticketbastard yet am too slow to get to the box offices on time), I decided, for once, to plan ahead: I just bought my two-day pass to the July 29-30 Pitchfork Music Festival. Who else is in?

Gapers Block dug up a website that reveals how Chicago's public transportation announcements compare with others around the world: "A very friendly, pre-recorded male voice is somewhat verbose and talks almost permanently to the passengers." I love this: "somewhat verbose and talks almost permanently." So funny. And, kind of an apt description of me, in my more hyper moments, too. Is this like when people start to look like their pets? Single city gals without cars start to sound like their public transportation?

Mighty Girl dreams up impromptu (code for "drunk"?) Trivial Pursuit questions such as "What the fuck was that one movie, the one where the guy had the sled?" and "Shit, who wrote that thing about...?"

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brendan said...

Clearly the movie with the guy with the sled is Cool Runnings.

I bought my ticket to Bonnaroo, but the Pitchfork Festival looks pretty cool and infinitely cheaper, but I don't care because Radiohead! Sonic Youth! Beck!