Monday, March 06, 2006

Crash Bang Boom!

Hollywood's acceptance of non-mainstream sexualities this year was really surprisingly progressive. I mean, just look at last night's best picture winner. For one thing, it's a Canadian movie, which, in itself, shows a more cosmopolitan view of the world than they've been able to muster in recent years. Beyond that, I mean, the beauty of the gritty, steamy car wrecks and anal sex innuendos were like a series of thrown gauntlets to complacent viewers, a challenge to connect with our baser instincts in an increasingly cold, modern world. And, I'm always a fan of the typically audacious and sexually deviant roles James Spader takes on.... Hmm? What's that? Oh, that's not the Crash that won best picture last night? It was the other Crash? Uhh, nevermind then.

(OMG, that joke's so May '05.)

Honestly, with Cronenberg and A History of Violence barely nominated for anything, the only thing I had left to get mildly riled up about was Dolly Parton being robbed of the Best Original Song award. Yeah, I've talked about how much I loved Hustle & Flow, and I don't begrudge the Three 6 Mafia an ounce of their success in bringing some rap into the consciousness of the old, white squares who were voting in that category, but. Dolly's song was by far the best thing about the surprisingly disappointing Transamerica--and it only played over the closing credits (ouch)--so I was keen to see it given its due. Ah, it's so good. It's the only thing that choked me up during the whole movie. When she rips it up around minute 3:30, forget it. In fact, it's gotten so that I can't even listen to it on the train in the morning. (Check it--looks like iTunes is still giving the MP3 away free for the time being, or you can snag it here.) Not to mention I was especially keen to see her win the award after she revivalized the clearly moved Academy audience with pure joy, unlike the eminently snooze-worthy "In the Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepzzzzzzzzz" (man, those four whole notes she sang during the song sure were, um, uh, ethereal!) or (if I'm going to be honest) the ridiculous desecration of everything "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" stood for in the context of its film. Mais, c'est la guerre, n'est-ce pas?

Elsewhere, new Flickr pics, ranging from New Year's Eve to my birthday party to this weekend's fourteenth annual (?!?!!) Nick Movie Awards. Enjoy.

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