Monday, May 01, 2006

Next Time, Look It Up in Your Gut

[UPDATE: The link to Colbert's speech has been updated to reflect the fact that it got yanked from YouTube and subsequently reposted on Google Video. Why the censorship? BoingBoing has the scoop.]

I know these clips have been bouncing around the internet for the past day or two, but, seriously, Stephen Colbert is amazing here at the White House Correspondents' dinner this weekend. I mean, yeah, we all loved when Stewart gave it to Carlson and Begala up the pooper, but to do this shtick fifteen feet away from Dubya himself? Le sigh. He had me at "somebody shoot me in the face." Salon salutes him and his masterful use of irony here.

Ah, springtime in Bloomington. I really do miss it sometimes. The flowers are sprouting on campus, the Little Fivers are racing their hearts out, the fast food goes digital...

Lists to make you smarterer: Alex Ross posts his list of 100 key pieces of music from the twentieth century, and Ebert gives some space on his site for Jim Emerson's list of 102 movies you should see if you want to consider yourself "movie-literate" (via).

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