Friday, April 28, 2006

I Want to Feed You Butter Rum Candy

An embarrassment of musical riches this summer: first we hear that The Divine Comedy is about to deliver a new album, and now comes word that The Long Winters' third full length, Putting the Days to Bed, will be released on July 25. Can't wait.

All right, my little Satanists, are you ready for the National Day of Slayer? (via)

I think I finally may have found a podcast worth committing myself to: Stylus magazine's Stycast (via--and, while you're there, heed his advice to visit the ridiculously great Green Pea-ness blog). I listened to #248 on my commute this morning, and I have to say it was worth it for the Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva track alone.

Just when Mimi Smartypants was starting to give me a resounding case of the mehs, she dashes off a paragraph about her small daughter's newfound reverence for skateboarding. She writes, "My kid will not be some lame-o Betty standing on the sidelines while the boys practice their bean plants and fakie tail grabs. So we each held her hands while she rolled along, and all the way home she would not shut up about it." Skate or die...from the cuteness! Loves it!

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