Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lordi Have Mercy!

Seriously, if my cellphone supported MP3s, I would so make Lordi's "Rock the Hell Outta You" my ringtone right now. It may not be Eurovision Song Contest winner "Hard Rock Hallelujah," but, it'll do, pig. It'll do.

I recall reading about the group on David Byrne's blog a little while back, but the curiosity ultimately came to me last night after reading S/FJ's online only New Yorker Q&A about--get this--why certain British acts have so much trouble crossing over in America. Bwah-hahahahaha! The fact that that Q&A (and his column on the same subject) exist at all strikes me as being very Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard as "punishment." It's like the editorial Powers That Be at the NYer thought the best way to address his involvement in the whole Merritt rockism/racism flap was to get him to write about, Dizzee Rascal notwithstanding, a bunch of whitey white motherfuckers! Or maybe he dreamt the idea up himself. Who knows. But still. Anyway, slight and perhaps unintentional comedy to one side, it's nice to finally hear someone with some highly acute listening skills (rightly) praise the Arctic Monkeys and (politely) explain why Coldplay used to be really quite good but now not so much.

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