Monday, October 24, 2005

Jonathan Richman and Other Things That Make Me Happy to Be Alive

Kittens, can you believe it? Jonathan Richman played "Pablo Picasso" during his show at the Abbey on Saturday night! I nearly stopped breathing. It was a total 1,000 Places to See Before You Die moment for me. He was kind of making fun of it, too, while he sang, which actually made it even better. He kept mangling the pronunciation of "asshole" every time the verse came around; it was all vowelly and Italian-sounding by the end, more like AHz-ohl. Priceless. Though I can't say that the show itself was incredible (the audience didn't really seem totally, 100% there with him; he was still getting over a monthlong bout with laryngitis; he only played for about an hour and didn't come back out for an encore), I can say without reservation that he was incredible. I can only think of a few rare people I've ever seen who are that completely at home in their own skin and so genuinely in love with the world around them. I know that sounds unspeakably cheesy, but it's really true. He kept a cowbell and a sleigh bell stick off to the side of the drumset, and he would periodically set down his guitar, even in the middle of a song, just to dance around and make noise with them. It seemed like he was having just as much fun doing that as anything else. (And, for the record, he's a much better guitar player than I ever realized or gave him credit for.)

From Fluxblog, re: Franz Ferdinand's song "The Fallen": "Though twitchy funk is their bread and butter, I definitely prefer them with their Franz-o-meter set to Ultra-Jaunt, which makes them sound vaguely like late period Grant Lee Buffalo decked out in Dior." Sentences like that make me so proud to be a blogger.

Flip Flop Flying skewers bird flu fears.

Hours, or at least minutes, of entertainment: Who's the Boss (via Said the Gramophone). Internet-type death matches between random crap. I thought my favorite was David Grohl (Foo Fighters Frontman) Vs. Kitt (The Knight Rider Car)...until I scrolled down and saw Halle Berry (The Monster's Ball) [sic] Vs. Black Forest Cake (Delicious Treat)...until I continued to scroll down and saw Keanu Reeves (Speed) Vs. The Plot of the Movie Speed (Speed). Brilliant.

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