Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

What it is, bitches! I was too busy yesterday to post that it was my one-year anniversary of going live on Blogger. Thanks to all y'all for fanning the flames of my egotism enough to keep me tapping away at the ol' keyboard. Here's to the coming year.

Perhaps the best band name ever? Arctic Monkeys. The 'Fork showed them some love earlier this week, and Aurgasm has the MP3s you crave. It's the heavily accented vocal delivery that does it for me. For what it's worth, people who claim to know such things say they're going to be the biggest band out of Great Britain since Oasis.

Said the Gramophone introduces you to Agent Simple, who comes across as the love child that Stephin Merritt and Jonathan Richman would have had if they'd enjoyed a passionate summertime fling in Sweden some twenty years ago. Guaranteed to bring a smile.

(Am I or am I not the absolute height of web-savvy circa 2003? I'm all, "dude, does everybody know about MP3 blogs?! They're hella tight!")

For what it's worth, all the people I work with at the CBCM say (I'm paraphrasing here) everyone needs to chill the fuck out about the avian flu. Unless, of course, you're flying to Hong Kong anytime soon with the intention of having unprotected sex with infected migratory water fowl, in which case, I think you have some other issues to worry about.

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Michael O'D said...

It has been a richer year for your clever observations, occasional rants, and lugnut-tight prose. Here's to another year.

May I suggest a helpful initialism for "chill the fuck out"? It's CTFO. Example: "Dog, CTFO."

Happy weekending. Don't forget to spin some Marvin Gaye once the sun has fully set.