Friday, July 15, 2005

Lighting Up the Night

I just thought this was nice. (Image via Flip Flop Flying.)

I wonder if it would be possible to get a recording of DS bellowing "a reeeeeeeeeeeal weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird-o" to use as my cell phone's ring tone. Classic. (The Neo-Futurists' summer series It Came From The Neo-Futurarium IV: Spawn of The Neo-Futurarium! runs Thursday nights until August 11.)

I hope all you kids heading out for Intonation this weekend have a great time. Stay hydrated and say hi to the Decemberists for me.


Brendan (the other one) said...

I read DS and think Dmitri Shostakovich and think "that is a very strange thing to wish for"

DS said...

You got it! Also be sure to check out "A niiiiiiiiiice laaaaydy," destined to be a smash hit due to its popular Tokyo mashup.
Though I'm no match for Shostakovich. that man could bellow.