Monday, March 21, 2005

Gear Theft

In an unfortunate coincidence, right after I finally got around to purchasing tickets for the Decemberists' show at the Metro on April 7, all their gear got stolen. (This was reported on both the Decemberists' site and on Pitchfork.) Though the trailer itself was soon recovered and none of the tour dates (except for Vancouver) have been cancelled, all their gear is still missing. We're talking hurdy-gurdies and gorgeous French accordions and shit. Needless to say, this sucks. You can donate money to help the band begin to replace some of this stuff. At the very least, you should go out and buy their new album Picaresque on its release date tomorrow. (You should've been planning on it anyway, dear readers!)

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brendan said...

This happened to Sonic Youth a few years ago too. It forced them to reevaluate how they create music, so they ended up turning it into something of a positive.