Thursday, March 17, 2005

Annoyed/Not Annoyed

Annoyed at the snow. Annoyed at the black-and-white checkered parachute pants I see all the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago students wearing when they get off the train with me at the Chicago brown line stop in the morning. (Ugh, it's even worse when they're rolling their little wheelie bags full of KNIVES.) Annoyed to find out that Wes Anderson is directing commercials for Dasani bottled water (link via You Can't Make It Up). Annoyed at the misuse and abuse of the word "empowering". Annoyed at myself that I still haven't found time to haul my ass up to the Metro to get Decemberists concert tickets (sorry M&M and CTA).

But. I am not annoyed at this very funny McSweeney's list. I am also not annoyed that I'll be flying to Virginia tomorrow. Also not annoyed that this book finally went to the printer yesterday. Very not annoyed at my new favorite lipstick (color="Flame").

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