Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Oh, holy crap, have you SEEN this web site? Behold the Art.com ArtPad! It is unspeakably awesome and irritatingly addictive. I'm really glad my computer at work isn't speedy enough to run the higher version of Flash required to use the site or else I'd be staring down the barrel of a new favorite time-waster. Thanks to BAK for turning me on to it.

Here's some art I made tonight:

* Interpol concert (that one's for you, Mac)

* Dill (that one's for you, LBL[A])

* Chicago in March (that one's for you, Nora Rocket)


brendan said...

Awesome! That's about right, too. Actually, they had a decent amount of blues and greens in their lighting, so maybe they're branching out.

Anonymous said...

omigoooodness! this site is amazing - i will be killing lots of time here if the library lets me. thank you for my kitty picture! i like how the paint can tool looks like it's barfing, especially in "chicago in march."
lbl(a...in, like, a month!!)

Anonymous said...

Love the painting. Hate the cat.