Thursday, March 03, 2005

First Ever Sports-Related Post (Kinda)

Of all the celebrities featured in Reebok's new "I Am What I Am" campaign, they ask Roddick to hide his face?

Who the hell's running that ad agency? Certainly not me or Dan Savage.

Formerly known around 1945 W. Chicago Avenue as "that tennis kid," Roddick--peeping out at me from behind his fingers on El platforms all along the length of the brown line--brightens my morning commute like no one has since that hot red haired chick in the Secret deodorant ad. (What was her secret? Something lame about putting on a fake accent when she goes to parties? So lame, so hot.)

(Image--respectfully!--borrowed from USA Today.)

1 comment:

Brendan (the other one) said...

A partially concealed Roddick is way better than the Georgia Natural Gas guy-in-a-blue-flame-suit billboards we see on our drives around town, at least.