Thursday, July 27, 2006

P.S., Tell Owen to Bring His Bongos

"Sparrow Aviation Administration Blames Collision On Failure To Detect Pane Of Glass." I can't think of any better way to bring out the undercurrent of redonkulousness inherent to the months I spent getting up before dawn last fall to monitor with the CBCM than with this article from The Onion (via). Classic. The graphics are outstanding.

That's Dyer pride, bitches. Get shot at, shrug it off, continue on your drive to Michigan. Hometown, represent!

Steely Dan's "Peg" has to be one of the most perfect songs I can think of, so I was pleased as punch when Stereogum pointed me in the direction of this short making-of video. Minute after minute of brilliance, from Rick Marotta discussing how he got that spine-tinglingly perfect cymbal sound to Becker and Fagen openly sneering at guitar solo outtakes. Also, be sure to head over to Steely's web headquarters and read their bloody brilliantly funny open letter (also via the 'Gum) to Luke Wilson, asking him to convince Owen to publicly apologize at one of their concerts for stealing the plot idea for You, Me, and Dupree (serial comma, bitches) from their song "Cousin Dupree." If you don't immediately start giggling at the opening (all caps) salvo, "OPEN LETTER TO THE GREAT COMIC ACTOR, LUKE WILSON," you might be a little bit dead inside.


monkey said...

I came across your blog via your pitchfork tagged pics on flikr.

you didn't by chance go to LC, did you?

you look REALLY familiar.

allison said...

Yup, graduated in '97.