Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coming Soon

Snakes on a Plane
Originally uploaded by wrestlingentropy.

"Get these mothafuckin' snakes offa this mothafuckin' building!"

This is the first billboard ad I've seen for Snakes on a Plane, and it's conveniently located in the 'hood, just off the Western brown line stop. This makes me so happy.


paul said...

Sweet. That's just great. Except for I still don't even know what that movies about, only that people won't stop talking about it because it's Samuel "Badass Motha" Jackson. Oh well. See, I totally read your stuff. Who said I never visited? Oh wait, you did. Also, in your entry about Final Fantasy you got me really excited at first because I thought it was something about the game. Then I found out it wasn't about the game. And in your last line you spelled enterting, not entering like you meant. Some editor you are.

allison said...

If you hadn't been so intent on getting me wasted on strong Brazilian cocktails while I was trying to finish blogging that afternoon, maybe my fingers wouldn't have been flopping all over the keyboard like dead fish, and my one! scandalous! typo! wouldn't have offended your delicate sensibilities so recklessly. My apologies.

Also, if you'd stop spending all your time drawing up plans for the perfect gyro meat rotisserie, maybe you could have done a little Googling to find Snakes on a Blog, where most of your pressing SoaP questions can probably be answered.

Why don't you just go to Costa Rica already? Oh wait...