Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Can I Give Props to Ray Charles, Too? Just for Snicks?

You know what they always say: a journey of three billion miles begins with a single launch. We're going to Pluto today, kittens! Isn't that fantastic?

Blockbuster Books of the Bible, including "Deuteronomy, Where's My Car?", "Daniel Darko," "2nd Chronicles of Riddick," and "Zephaniah and Hutch."

Speaking of The Chronicles of Riddick, here are the Top Thirty Facts About Vin Diesel, including "Crop circles are Vin's way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down" (thanks, Nora Rocket).

I know I linked to the Who's the Boss website about a million years ago, but the drawing in the "featured commentary" section here just makes me unspeakably happy.

The Golden Globes, in summary:

  • We like Felicity Huffman, Michelle Williams, and Cynthia Nixon.

  • Geena Davis redeemed her dress by lying in her speech about her presidential role's impact on young girls.

  • A History of Violence is by far the best of the movies it was nominated against in the Best Motion Picture–Drama category (and probably still the best even if you throw the Musical or Comedies in there, too), but I'm not surprised Brokeback Mountain won.

  • The Desperate Housewives displayed an unacceptable amount of giggling. I'm just sayin', none of the actors giggled when Lost won.

  • The only thing going through the audience's heads while John Williams was walking to the stage to accept his Best Original Score award was "DUN. DUN. DUN. DUN DA-DUN. DUN DA-DUN!" I hereby nominate him to be put out to pasture already!

  • Do you think Mel Brooks was sad about being at the ceremony alone this year?

  • Props to Zach Braff for drinking a fucking bottle of Bud in the midst of all that Moet.

I'm only scratching the surface here. For those of you who crave the snark, Defamer has some of the best Globes wrap-up on the blogs (with pictures!).


DS said...

What I don't understand: how could "Walk the Line" win for best "Musical or Comedy?" It probably wasn't much of a comedy, and it definitely wasn't a musical....unless "musical" is defined as "a movie about someone who played music." In which case I'm surprised "the Pianist" didn't rock a double-best-picture win a few years back....

allison said...

I know! I'm equally incredulous about The Squid and the Whale being lumped in with the comedies. It's not ha-ha laughter in that movie; it's choking down the bile laughter. Or maybe they thought it was a musical because of the talent show scene? It's a silly technicality regardless.