Friday, May 06, 2005

Triple Word Score

God bless Yahoo. This isn't so much a headline as it is the kick-assingest game of Scrabble ever:

Chlamydia Outbreak Kills a Dozen Penguins

(All due respect and sympathy to the zoo keepers and general lovers of polar fowl, of course.)

Also, Neal Medlyn's personal essay about male bisexuality on Nerve made me laugh out loud today with this paragraph:

"Bisexuality is a disappointing, suspect, utterly chaotic identity. It seems to exist in only the foggiest regions of people's brains, like Pol Pot or the geographic location of Myanmar. They're not sure what it is, but they're pretty sure it's lame and/or bad."

Now, I charge you, on Mike O'D's behalf, to go educate yourself on the wherefores and whys of Mr. Pot with Philip Short's recent biography, Anatomy of a Nightmare.

And the birthday train just keeps on a-rolling: happy birthday to my dear, sweet sister, who leaves her teen years behind today!


Brendan (the other one) said...

of course chlamydia is a nine-letter word and therefore would be rather difficult to play in Scrabble.

allison said...

I always forget: what's the rule on building words using words that other players have put down on the board before you? Like, say, if someone had played "lam" (as in, "I'm running from the law, living on the lam"), is it a legal move to surround it with "ch" and "ydia"? 'Cause, in that case, the headline would be a totally viable thing one might see on the board by the end of a game!

Brendan (the other one) said...

well, I haven't played Scrabble much in recent years, but I do know the crabble Dictionary only includes 2-8 letter words. When I play I usually allow words longer than 8 letters to be played in that way, but I'm not sure if it's tournament-legal, so to speak. It'd still be cool to play it.