Friday, May 20, 2005

I'll Bring the Road, You Bring the Trip

OK, so who wants to go to St. Louis with me in late June to see Jonathan Richman perform at Blueberry Hill? I'm currently in the throes of a major Richman fixation (mostly thanks to his best-of collection Action Packed, with a healthy dose of Modern Lovers thrown in for good measure, of course) and would love, love, love to see him live. Alas, however, my lack of unsuspended license prevents me from just renting a vehicle and going it alone. So, c'mon--who's up for it?


Mikow said...

Fuck St. Louis, Felus - let's go drink and gamble someplace where life is cheap and they don't speak English.

allison said...

Amen, brutha, amen!

O said...

I knew you didn't use your car much, but SUSPENDED license, felus? surely we're only talking expired?

I'd be down, if the swelling in my neck/throat/spleen and the fever in my head ever goes down! (the fact that we'd be coming from opposite sides of the city, to say the least, is inconsequential, of course.)

O said...

PS: tell me you aren't one of those who, now that you've traveled, nay, LIVED IN other lands, must flaunt their passport everytime they must prove their age?

"OH! Honey! I'm too urbane to have a drivers license, but oh! Look! I've had many a pint in Picadilly!!" :)