Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Oh, brutha! My geek-o-meter is on overload. Whereas before I likely would have declined, in polite company (or on the internet), to reveal the true degree of my excitement about the forthcoming movie version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, now I have no choice but to, proudly and defiantly, push my glasses as far up the bridge of my nose as they'll go. For I have just discovered that my boy Neil Hannon, lead singer and songwriter of the Divine Comedy, has provided vocals for two songs featured on the soundtrack. Not only this, but Neil's frequent (and gifted) collaborator Joby Talbot has written the score. You can understand my conflicted feelings here. "Downplay, for coolness's sake, what a fan-girl I am or preach the gospel of Hannonomics?"

I choose to preach.

(Coming soon to Wrestling Entropy: twelve-sided dice and Renaissance fair costumes!!!)

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