Monday, April 04, 2005

April Deluge

So much going on.

The pope. Ah, the sweet little pope. My sadness is not quite religious in origin; it's more the general sadness of the loss of any major cultural icon. The fact that he's a Polish cultural icon only adds to the poignancy. (Gotsa represent for my people.) I've had this picture hanging on my refrigerator for about a year now (thanks, Benji), but now it's also a little bittersweet in addition to being fucking hilarious.

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One of the high points of watching the Final Four on Saturday night was seeing the ad for CBS's Elvis miniseries. This, in and of itself, wouldn't have been terribly noteworthy for me but for the fact that it happens to star one of the most outrageously gorgeous humans on the planet, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (not to be confused, of course, with John Rhys-Davies, of Lord of the Rings fame--though it would be funny to see him digitally imposed into the Brian Slade costumes in Velvet Goldmine). My only connection to Elvis is from having edited this book, but I will be GLUED to my television on May 8 and 11.

Go Illini!

Since I am generally averse to large crowds of people and thus not particularly into the idea of attending gi-normous music festivals like Coachella, Bumbershoot, and Bonnaroo, I paid absolutely no attention to last week's Pitchfork headline celebrating the return of Lollapalooza. Well, I made a prompt one-eighty about that particular irrational prejudice when Giddy took the time to explain to me that the festival will be held only in Chicago, over the weekend of July 23 and 24, and that tickets will go on sale this Thursday (April 7) for thirty-five freaking dollars for BOTH days. (That's 70 bands at $0.50 each.) The official web site limits you to two tickets per credit card, but...well, I've got three credit cards...maybe, as CTA suggested, I'll be able to parlay a few "extra" tickets into a few "extra" months of rent this fall....

Tom Stoppard's Travesties at the Court Theatre is stunning. It runs until April 24, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a passion for theater and literature and history and general intellectual yummy goodness. It will make your brain buzz and hum.


Anonymous said...

hi felus - heard about your romp in the hyde park, visiting the parrots, etc. i'd like to inform you that while there are indeed other birds ilke this in other cities (escaped from zoos, whatev.) they Hyde Park parrots are the only such group that do not migrate. they hunker down like the rest of us and winter right there in chicago, somehow managing to stay that brilliant color green.
speaking of gorgeous men, why in my final days of singlehood have i adopted a Johnny Depp obsession? i even checked the imdb listing of his movies so i could find them. sick, sick. poor casey.
!!! rev larson

Anonymous said...

sorry, a much more reverent comment should follow your posting on the Pope. a mix of solemnity and curiosity abides in me, wondering where the Roman church will go from here. NPR has covered many sides of his papacy, even his very traditional take on ordaining women. (he put a seal of papal infallibility on the decision not to ordain.) while grieving the loss of a faithful leader so passionate about social justice, i felt grateful for my own church body and the opportunity to do what i'm doing.
i should chat with ms. O.D. about this.
and stop watching Depp movies...

allison said...

"(Ir)rev" just made me laugh out loud. Awesome.