Monday, February 07, 2005

Kid A

Suck on it, haters: Pitchfork declares Kid A the #1 album of the first half of the '00s.

I know it's somewhat ridiculous to get excited about a pointless exercise in masturbatory indie list-making, and I know that my enthusiasm here only reconfirms my place squarely in the crosshairs of Ms. Petrusich's observation that "in certain circles, you were only as credible as your relationship to this album," but, damn, if I ain't going to go listen to it with my headphones right now and proceed to weep shimmering robotic tears onto my pillow of intergalactic ice.

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Brendan (the other one) said...

While I would agree (and have said myself) that Kid A is the greatest album of the last 5-10 years, I still enjoy Amnesiac more. Of course, I tend to prefer the brilliant but flawed over the undisputedly brilliant.