Friday, December 10, 2004

Band Name?

If there's anyone out there in need of a band name, I've got one for you:

Gamma Night Box.

Every time I walk west on Superior toward Orleans, I always notice the library-style drop box built into the wall of the building where Gamma (I guess it's a photo lab) resides, and always take great delight in the label that reads, in big, bold, block letters, "Gamma Night Box." What a fantastic name that would make for a band! And every time I see it, I lament the fact that I, theoretically, would have to form and then disband the Mean Little Dogs, the Rhea Perlman Approximation, and the Whom before I would have a chance to use the name as my own. So, in the interest of getting the name out into the collective consciousness where it belongs, I'm offering it up here. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

um, is there a kazoo player in Gamma Night Box?

if not, you can be in my band called Electric Snowflakes. (my friend clark commented on how odd it was to see electric snowflakes on the lampposts of Bradenton, Florida. the phrase called to me (and my kazoo).


Anonymous said...

If you've discovered the ultimate name for a band, I've just discovered the ultimate compliment for a record. Said an anonymous reviewer of Wilco's "Summer Teeth":

"I could take a bath in this album."

High praise indeed.

Mike O'D