Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Ground Is So Proud Just to Hold Us Up

It's been a Roderiffic week for us Long Winters fans. J.Rod's Bonnaroo blog for MSNBC is worth its weight in pull-quotes, and now Daytrotter has posted an interview with the man and an unbelievable live session to go along with it. "Clouds" has always quietly been one of my favorite songs on Putting the Days to Bed and it just sounds so free and nice and loose here. And, hearing a live take on "Scared Straight"--a song that I could barely make a mix CD without for a span of about two years--makes me so excited I could just puke. I swear, as days go by, I'm becoming less an eloquent defender of my favorite movies, books, and music and more a hysterical, squealing, geeked-out fangirl.

Speaking of Bonnaroo, I've been obsessed for a while now with the Flickr page of a wonderful New York-based photographer, Elizabeth Weinberg (surprise, surprise--I was first introduced to her stuff thanks to her lovely portraits of the Long Winters on tour), and she's got a KILLER set from this year's 'Roo. They're all gorgeous, but be sure to check out what she has for the Hold Steady, the Flaming Lips, and Spoon.

Happy solstice, my bebes.

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eliz said...

hey, thanks! and thanks even more for that link to daytrotter.