Friday, March 02, 2007

New Music Geekery

"The record collector/taper/blogger mentality is really close to Catholicism in many people. Collecting relics, obsessing over hagiography. Show me an altar boy and I'll show you a potential record geek."
OK, the fantastic three-part Fluxblog interview with Rob Sheffield from this week totally just made me order Love Is a Mix Tape from Amazon. I was kind of casually interested in checking it out before, but dude comes off as so smart and funny, now I'm actively looking forward to spending 240 pages with him.

Prepare ye the way of the Bjork: Medulla follow-up Volta finally comes out in May.

"I don't know how much we've evolved if we still freak out before and after every show. Some shows are great, and some shows suck. And it's usually all us; it doesn't matter necessarily whether it's a big or small crowd. Sometimes we have things click for us, and sometimes we kind of fall apart. But that's part of the excitement of it, too."
You guys are probably going to get sick of me linking to stuff hyping the release of the National's Boxer, but, oh well, get used to it. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, check out the P4K interview with Matt Berninger.

2007 is seriously going to rule for new music. We've got the two mentioned above, and news comes down through both Stereogum and the Fork this week that we've got new Laura Veirs to look forward to this spring too.

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Anonymous said...

Felus, that Sheffield conversation is fabulous. Perpetua jokes??! yes!
I'd affirm that you go about your vocation with a sincere and spirited discipleship-of-good-art perspective; I just wish I was more faithfully observant!
The image of the artist/musician/blogger community as a parish, with its many newsletters, is lovely as well.
Would that we who work in actual parishes emulate their creativity and devotion...
lenten peace,
parson larson