Monday, October 02, 2006

"How Do I Handle Knowing What They Just Told Me?"

There's a really great interview with David Sitek of TV on the Radio on Pitchfork today. Return to Cookie Mountain has been getting some heavy rotation on my iPod these past few weeks, and I'm bummed to be missing them live with Grizzly Bear next week. (Do you hear that noise in the distance? That's the sound of Giddy shouting "toldja so!" from across the Atlantic.) Check out Sean Moeller's excellent progressive review of the album over at Daytrotter; I love how he manages to sneak a Mike Skinner reference in on day four.

The interview portion of this podcast with Britt Daniel is pretty much the most boring thing ever, but the pictures are cute, and it's nice to hear him reach into the back catalog and play cuts from A Series of Sneaks and the "Love Ways" EP in addition to "They Never Got You" from Gimme Fiction.

Hellz yeah, the Cold War Kids are headlining their tour this fall now that the Futureheads have bowed out due to illness. I bet there will be more schedule reshuffling to come as they iron out all the plans, so I'm not sure if they're still going to be at the Metro on October 21 or what, but I'm looking forward to seeing them again whenever, wherever they end up playing. (Yes, that'll be show number three for me this calendar year. Slightly obsessed.) I've got their debut full-length Robbers and Cowards pre-ordered from Insound so it can be delivered to my grubby little paws before its official release next week. Can't wait!


brendon said...

God dammit, Felus. Don't. Make. Me. Buy. It.

Wherein "it" is "Return to Cookie Mountain". Come on. You KNOW I'm not supposed to buying anything I can't get on emusic right now. :)

And I'll confess right now: I didn't call tonight because... I was watching the first two episodes of Season 1 of "Six Feet Under" courtesy of Bravo. (YES, I know I'm approx. 5 years behind the rest of the world.)

This may make the second bit of television I'll be hooked on since moving into a house with cable.

Hold me... I'm scared. :) At this rate, Another two years from now, apparently I'll be watching the usual 4.5 hours of television after work, and killed off both promising careers to sit in my underwear watching the E!! True hollywood story and reruns of friends.

ANYWAY: Thanks for the M. Ward rec, and the Cookie mountain reviews!

Talk soon. There's no "Six Feet Under" to get in my way for another week. of course, I haven't confessed what my FIRST post-cable addiction is... ;)

brendon said...

and... I'm envious of your show-going. Keep on keepin' on, I say. So far, I've had lessons or gigs during every interesting show coming through ATL in the last 3 months.

On the other hand, I guess that's not such a bad thing. ;) Hmmm...

Brendan said...

1. oh man Brendon is going crazy with tv watching now that he has cable! y contrast, I don't even have a TV anymore.

2. Just heard Grizzly Bear live in studio on KEXP like 10 minutes ago. Good stuff. I can't make the show tonight due to some weird time sink in my life called law school, but such is life.