Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ben Folds 'n' Blondes

There's so much Ben Folds love floating around the series of tubes this week I can hardly stand it.

I'm not sure I buy Eef Barzelay's reading of Ben's cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" (at Said the Gramophone), but I fully support his recommendation that we "reflect on this song and why Ben Folds is generally dismissed and sometimes loathed by the indie rock illuminati."

Similarly dismissable Weird Al Yankovic jokes (at the Onion AV Club) about how he and William Shatner lower Ben's street cred.

It's not from this week, alas, but I recently snagged Kottke's link to this video of Ben covering "Such Great Heights" live for some Australian TV show. Sure it's gimmicky, but it works.

In other music news--squee!--the arrival of the Long Blondes' debut full-length Someone to Drive You Home is imminent! Thanks to James Green Pea-Ness, listening to their "Fulwood Babylon" has bordered on an obsessive-compulsive behavior with me since the summer. (Seriously, the spoken-word interlude alone is enough to send me into seizures of glee, never mind oh-ohhhhhhh! that bass line.) I can't wait to see the rest of the goodies these kids have up their sleeves.

Here's a good Neutral Milk Hotel joke worth a giggle for the indie nerdz. Or, for pastry nerdz, too, I suppose.

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Chris C. said...

I really believe the world is a better place because we are allowed to share it with Weird Al.