Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All Our Little Wishes Have Run Dry

The mighty Matthew Perpetua gives some love and linkage to the Divine Comedy's "To Die a Virgin" on Fluxblog today.

Britt Daniel picks out and discusses twelve of his favorite albums that are currently available for download on eMusic. "Judging by this list, that's what moves me: heartbreak and longing." Loves it.

Please be sure to bop over to Salon's Audiofile to download Justin Roberts's so-called kindie rock song "Meltdown." LK and I heard his band play it on the kids' stage at the Printers Row Book Fair earlier this month, and I almost sheepishly have to admit that it was one of my favorite things about the whole damn fair. Insanely catchy and instantly addictive. If only I could show you the hand motions that go with it. Ahhhh!

In case you haven't read/heard yet, Sleater-Kinney are no more (via, uh, yer ma). I never got as much into them as I know I should have (and still might), but of course I recognize what a hugely huge bummer it is.

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brendan said...

sadness on Sleater-Kinney but hopefully it means Carrie Brownstein will start slumming it around Seattle and be my friend.

Love the Britt Daniel list too. I was glad to see some stuff I like on there. Too often artists pull out this stuff I've never heard of and I have to wonder if they just like different crap or if I really should investigate.