Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You Can Read My Dorky Summaries or Just Click on the Links

Though I have a fairly healthy appreciation for the surge in esteem comics and comic artists are garnering in mainstream culture (what with my natural affinity for geekiness of all stripes), I've yet to take the time to actually educate myself about any of the major players and their work (recommendations, DS, or anyone?). However, I do know the hotness when I see it: Chris Ware illustrates the cover for a new edition of Candide, as the first in a new series of classic works from Penguin Books featuring fresh, sexy covers by contemporary comic artists. Drool-worthy stuff indeed.

The Decemberists sign to Capitol. I officially have no opinion about this. Colin Meloy's lady Carson Ellis is also expecting a baby, which is cool. I just hope that the inevitable song for the baby that will no doubt appear on a future album isn't annoying and/or lame. However, I am thrilled beyond belief that Tucker Martine is helping Chris Walla with producing duties when the Decemberists go back into the studio. I think he has the potential to be huge on the indie scene, based on the lusciousness of his work with both the Long Winters and Laura Veirs this year.

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