Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When You Believe They Call It Rock 'n' Roll

Matthew Perpetua of Fluxblog is only the most recent example of passionate Spoon defenders/apologists/(fuck it) FANS I've been tracking online since my own heart and ears were won over by Britt & Co. earlier this year. Here he talks about seeing them live in NYC last weekend. I've never paid much attention to the lyrics of "The Beast and Dragon, Adored," as it's not really one of my favorite songs on the album, but the way he tied them in to the "recurring theme in the Spoon catalog - 'Believing Is Art'...(Or more simply: 'You Gotta Feel It')" gave me chills. Props.

Personifying sloth with the name "Chad McBro" in the fourth line of the first paragraph here nearly made me choke on my own tongue with the kind of laughter that's half being amused by the turn of phrase itself and half wordlessly acknowledging the right-on truth underneath it.

I wiped out on the sidewalk spectacularly last night. I must have hit a wet leaf or something, I don't know quite what happened, but it's another Fleet-Footed Felus tumble for the record books. I started off walking at a good pace on the right edge of the sidewalk, felt my right heel slip out in front of me, started lurching sideways into the splits, realized I wasn't going to successfully regain my balance, so decided the best thing to do would be to hurl myself toward the berm on the left edge of the sidewalk, where I landed on my back. There was no one around to witness this (I was on a quiet neighborhood street in Evanston after dark), but when I was finally able to compose myself and start walking again, replaying the whole sequence of events made me start laughing uncontrollably for the next four or five minutes. Which made me look even more drunk and insane. Something about seeing my little bundled-up self in my own mind's eye slipping and sliding and stumbling in this ridiculously wide trajectory through space in such a condensed period of time struck me as really, really funny. (No scars to remember it by this time, though.)

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brendan said...

I was totally going to see Spoon play in Athens, GA (where U of GA is, about 70 miles from ATL) last Thursday night, except on the Tuesday before that I learned the concert was in fact on Tuesday Nov 8 and not Thursday Nov 8, which is to say that same day, and which is also to say I am retarded for thinking the 8th was Thursday. So I didn't go because I couldn't, and I was sad for it.