Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Also Björk's Bjïrthday

Music for Robots freaks out about the goddamn fucking awesomeness of The Long Winters' "Ultimatum" today. My breath actually caught in my throat a little bit when I was scrolling through my live bookmarks this morning and saw the words "my arms miss you, my hands miss you" pop out at me. Good to see that someone else is with me on this.

Let's welcome to the sidebar, shall we?

You've gotta be kidding me. (Thanks, Nora Rocket.) What, no "ribbed for her pleasure" option?

Local photographer Johnny Knight has a cute series of photographs called Her Special Day, showing brides doing unbridelike things. My favorite, as many of you will probably guess, is the graffiti bride, though the oven bride and the pickup bride are pretty awesome, too. (Thanks, Lisa Ro.)

Ladies and germs, I've found my blog-brother. I was googling something or other a few days ago and stumbled upon—wait for it—"You're Tacky and I Hate You: Where the Streets Are Paved with Cock." Are we talking best ever or best ever?!

I swear to God, if you go see Walk the Line, you will preface every sentence that comes out of your mouth for at least the next 24 hours with "Hi...I'm Johnny Cash" in a nice basso profundo rumble. You will also likely want to have nothing but cigarettes and beer for your next meal.

Big, big love goes out to my best girl on her birthday today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Feal! And the birthday love over the weekend and in it's lead-up and reflection.

brendan said...

I want to see Walk the Line. I also often express my desire to eat beer for dinner, as O will attest.

also, I actually started updating my blog somewhat regularly!