Friday, June 24, 2005

Mission: Impossibly Annoying

Whoa boy, did Tom Cruise turn a corner onto Crazy Street somewhere! Though I'm not writing off the potential popcorny pleasure of War of the Worlds just yet, you could not pay me to watch any of his appearances on the chat-show circuit right now. I'm perfectly happy getting my gossipy updates from the likes of Pink Is the New Blog and Defamer. For a quick and relatively painless recap of what happened on The Today Show this morning, check out Stereogum and (my fave) You Can't Make It Up.


Anonymous said...

He's crazy. Completely crazy. I can only say that I am happy that Nicole got away when she did. Did you see him on Letterman last night? He sorta seemed normal except for his annoying fake laugh.


Anonymous said...

I think Tom Cruise is getting a bad rap here people. His passion for his Scientology is admirable and I for one count myself as an ardent admirer of ANYTHING the man says. As usual, the media is painting the guy as a nutcase...listen to what Tom said...I mean really listen...that damn Matt Lauer is a real should take the time to read Dianetics, and then everything our friend Tom says will make perfect and complete sense. Thank you Tom for entertaining us: From Top Gun to Cocktail, to what I am sure will be a wonderful film...War of the Worlds.