Friday, November 12, 2004

"O.C." Also Stands for "Odd Couple"

I was doing my laundry while watching The O.C. last night, so I was, unfortunately, a wee bit distracted (the inaugural outing to the Jolly Roger laundromat provided a whole fleet of new stimuli to overwhelm my poor little brain). But, from what I could see/hear, I just love, love, love that the show--rather than being the Trojan Horse that turned Seth Cohen into one of the most powerful "people" in entertainment--has become its own version of The Odd Couple for a generation. That Kid Who Looks Like Russell Crowe and Adam Brody banter like the best of them. Their relationship is vastly more compelling than anything they have going on with the Marissas and Annas and Summers and whoevers. Of course, it helps that the dialogue in the scenes they share together is usually the best-written stuff in the whole show, but it still brings me no end of joy to know that the kids who are tuning into Fox for their weekly fix of fashion or drama or indie music are also being treated to writing every bit as gleefully rhythmic as anything Aaron Sorkin or Joss Whedon or Amy Sherman-Palladino have written at the top of their respective games. Now, hold yer horses there, kittens--I realize Schwarz & Co. are nowhere near as consistent or unapologetically literate as those three, but still, they do share the same love of language, the delicious sound, feel, shape of words delivered at top speed. Carry on.

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