Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Important Things I Learned Today

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream (But That's Only Because the Earth Itself Is Screaming Louder than You Could Possibly Ever Scream, Like That One Baby in the Grocery Store, OMG, It's Burning My Ears).

Montgomery, Alabama's, minor league baseball team is called the Montgomery Biscuits.

The Long Winters are going to appear on that Huey Lewis comp Are You Still with Me?! when/if it ever sees the light of day. (In the meantime, check out Throw Me the Statue's superb take on "If This Is It.") This whole ball of wax makes me happy x one million.

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parowpyro said...

biscuits. tee hee.

from wikipedia:

The Biscuits' owners selected the team's nickname from an entry in a "name the team" contest, due in part to the potential marketing and pun possibilities (ex. "Hey, Butter, Butter, Butter" or the team's souvenir store, the "Biscuit Basket"). During games, biscuits are shot from an air cannon, into the stands.

...i question the cleanliness of a biscuit shot from a cannon.