Friday, November 30, 2007

Hey! I Only Posted Twice Previously in November!

Here's a bunch of stuff, mostly from Pitchfork, I've found interesting, amusing, and diverting lately.

"But, I think that there's this middle that I'm pushing with this record. Because, as I said earlier, it's endings and beginnings, you know, those are the addictions. That's all that people can see or hear or want to read about or see in films. And the middle is where the responsibility lies." --Kevin Drew

A Stephen Malkmus double-dactyl:

Heaven Is a Jick

Chanted-in, slanted-in
Malkmus the Pavorite:
Beautiful spokestud for
Slackers and 'tards.

Lucky for him I'm so
Mystery rendezvous
Out of the cards.

Amanda Petrusich is seemingly unstoppable. First these wonderful, excellent, smart interviews with Lou Reed and PJ Harvey, and now this lovely, quiet, thoughtful post for Powell's on Joan Didion and the myth of California (via).


Here's a video of Peter Moren (of Peter Bjorn and John) and Carl Newman covering the Association's "Never My Love" at some dude's wedding. It's very ad hoc, but I could listen to cover versions of this song for days on end.


Too Much Rock -- said...

Ya like last minute?

"The Wild, The Beautiful, & The Damned Photo Exhibit

Jonesalicious said...

Ich liebe dich, Feal.

Anonymous said...

Felus, if you feel as if you've been "missing" from the blog lately, just know that you got a shout-out for your blogging, fun identity in one of Clark's recent communications with me (LBLA). we were discussing his visit to that Homewood church (Bogarts Charhouse!) I did some work at a LONG time ago, and you were there the same day. He remembered you as my "hip, blogging, creative friend" but he couldn't remember your name. !!
so, your cred as a swanky blogger is solidly in the universe, despite November!
we can't wait to see you saturdaaaaay!

Lauren Bacall.