Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Great Writing by Other People

Adam Gopnik on Philip K. Dick in The New Yorker (via).

James Green Pea-ness on why the Nintendo DS game Elite Beat Agents is a stunning piece of interactive pop criticism.

And, though only an excerpt is available online, Nick Hornby's interview with David Simon in the August '07 issue of The Believer is so good it's just unreal. Luckily, the bit that is available on the web is absolutely one of the high points of the whole exchange ("Like many writers, I live every day with the vague nightmare that at some point, someone more knowledgeable than myself is going to sit up and pen a massive screed indicating exactly where my work is shallow and fraudulent and rooted in lame, half-assed assumptions"). Do yourself a favor and seek out the issue for the full thing.

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