Friday, May 25, 2007

Boxer, and Other Bits & Bobs

Required reading: Joss Whedon's short and impassioned essay about the Dua Khalil murder.

Great interview at the Onion A.V. Club with one of my fave contemporary comedians, Louis C.K.

My opinion of Boxer hasn't really crystallized yet, which is as it should be, considering the way Matt and the brothers like to hide little time bombs of feeling throughout their songs that are designed not to explode on you for months. But, man. I just hear those opening piano chords of "Fake Empire" and instantly feel like I want to burst into tears. That's got to be a good thing. So far the album seems to breathe best over actual stereo speakers, rather than through headphones. All the empty space around Matt's vocals comes through a little more clearly, and poignantly, that way. And, though I take exception with the way Pitchfork asserts that this is "a drummer's album" with the phrase "Bryan Devendorf becomes a main player here" (emphasis mine), as if he's suddenly gotten good out of nowhere, as if the previous albums aren't chockful of brilliant drumming, the point is well taken. Those snare snaps and other fills in "Mistaken for Strangers" are every bit as likely to get stuck in your head as the chorus.

Happy Towel Day, everybody!

And, of course, happy 30th to my girl HLo-M. (That looks like the symbol for some sort of chemical compound.)

Enjoy your holiday weekend, my kittens!

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