Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Great Turns of Phrase and Other Witticisms for the Day

"OK," says my subconscious, "give me one more reason to be looking forward to the National's Boxer." And MySpace, surprisingly, obliges with many, many more reasons, including the fact that the band "nods toward" Wrestling Entropy fave writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jonathan Ames on the album. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm coming dangerously close to completely ruining my first listen with anticipation now. (Stereogum issues a favorable premature evalution, Boxer drops on May 22, and the band journies to Chicago on June 7.)

How much are you loving this dustup (::guffaw::) about Keith Richards snorting his dad's ashes?

I give you the genius that is Just a Little Guy. (Thx, Michelle.) Go for the otters holding hands, stay for bons mots like "[T]his baby rusty spotted genet is about to snuggle his way right into your colon so he can eat you from the inside out. What are you going to do huh, punch yourself in the colon. Good luck with that."

S/FJ issues a memo to rappers.

I don't know how many of you have, like me, gotten completely sucked into Merlin Mann's online universe, but, for those who haven't, I'd hate for you to miss his excellent, and excellently funny, recent video podcast with J-Rod of the Long Winters. The one with Mountain Goats' bassist Peter Hughes is really good, too. (Thus ends my barely restrained interweb crushing-out for the day.)

Sean Fennessey on Battles' drummer John Stanier: "Like John Bonham on oxycontin, Clyde Stubblefield on steroids, Buddy Rich on calculus."

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Megan said...

Snort this, Keith Richards.

I'm cracking myself up.