Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hang Me Up to Dry

The Cold War Kids are no longer mine. Now, they belong to the world.

More videos? Funny you should ask: how about Of Montreal's "Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse" (directed by the Brothers Chaps!) and Bowie taking the piss out of Gervais at the piano on Extras?

Say what you will about the Shins' new album--and folks have said a lot--still: it's Mercer's voice and Mercer's melodies and how could that possibly be a bad thing?

I was planning to anyway, but now I guess I really gotta see Venus, The Queen, and The Last King of Scotland. I should probably put Little Children and Blood Diamond on the list too, even though...meh. I generally like Iñárritu, but I think there must be a reason why I haven't made time to see Babel yet after lo these many weeks in wide release. A reason that likely bears more than a passing resemblance to Wesley Morris's pithy takedown of the flick in 2006's Slate Movie Club.

Addendum: Also, I will not be surprised if Streep wins it for Prada since, I have recently realized, that movie is basically just Training Day for girls. "Ooh, my boss is mean. The first day at work is confusing and scary. I'm in over my head. Now watch my descent into madness and complicity with the machine."

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