Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Coup

Chris C. turned me on to the awesome sounds of The Coup earlier this year (their "Laugh/Love/Fuck" from Pick a Bigger Weapon will appear on my year-end best-of mix), and, as many of you may have read on the 'Fork last week, they got into a huge bus crash with touring partner Mr. Lif earlier this month and pretty much lost everything. The rest of their tour, which would have stopped through Chicago last night, has been canceled, and, as professional musicians, that means they will have no way of making a living for the time being. Via S/FJ, I discovered they have a PayPal account now set up to help them defray some of the costs of getting back on their feet. Check their MySpace page for the donation link and for a note from front man Boots Riley about the situation. The proprietress of the House That Entropy Built considers the amount of money she sent a mere pittance in comparison to the great quantity of joy they have brought her this year and wishes these revolutionaries all the best during this challenging time.

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Chris C. said...

Thanks for letting the world know that they are collecting donations! Hopefully they will be able to collect enough to reclaim some semblance of normalcy during this often trying time of year.