Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wonderful Things

The Cold War Kids' video for "Hang Me Up to Dry" (via) is so sweet. I see a little bit of a Rushmore influence in it, in the way that you have these adults plopped into a middle school (?) setting but interacting with the kids as equals. And, ultimately, the shared influence there is probably Salinger; lead singer Nathan Willett even name-checks Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters in his description of their new song "God Make Up Your Mind," over at Daytrotter.

Speaking of Daytrotter, I love how Sean Moeller gets such consistently wonderful conversation and rumination out of the artists who make a point to stop off at the Futureapplestudio (not to mention, of course, such wonderful live performances). For just one example, here's George Hunter of Catfish Haven during their visit back in April:

"I’ve always had a dream of doing a crooner thing. Not like what Frank Sinatra did, but something where I’d write these angelic pop songs that are just perfect. I’d have my Price Is Right microphone and I’d just be walking around singing. I definitely try to get that fucking feeling into the songs, but we also try to wake up the neighbors every time we play too."

Aiee! That just makes me so happy. Daytrotter's also got John Vanderslice talking about, among other things, gardening blogs. So great.

I'm distraught that the Catfish Haven show this weekend is the same night as the Mountain Goats' gig at the Empty Bottle. Choices, choices. Darnielle's got my love for now, but I need to shimmy and sweat with Hunter and his boys sometime soon, soon, soon. Their full length Tell Me is out today, and if the rest of the album lives up to the soulful righteousness (in the full-on '70s slang sense of the word) of the eponymous single, hoo boy, it's going to be all kinds of good.

Matt Berninger, you totally were not doing boring things all summer. You were busy buying me boxes of chocolates and telling me how pretty I look in that new dress. Best imaginary boyfriend ever!

I'm sorry, I know this doesn't fall under the heading of wonderful things, but, seriously, enough with the cupcakes already. I am so over it. Can I get some backlash up in here?

I'd like to join the chorus with Ms. Paradise and send big love out to newlyweds Amber and Chad. There's something really special about attending the wedding of a couple that's already been together for a number of years. Rather than feeling like a uniting of one plus one, the ceremony felt like a celebration of the culture of their relationship, especially in the way they used their circle of friends as active participants in all aspects the event--everything from officiating to bartending. The repeated refrain, with variations, of "when I first met Amber" and "I've know Chad since" and "when the two of them first got together" added an intimate but communal feeling to all the romantic elegance. My snaps are up in a Flickr photoset, and believe you me I am not using the phrase romantic elegance lightly. It's not just self-deprecation when I say my photos do not do justice to how completely gorgeous it was. I was really honored to have been in attendance.

A belated happy birthday to LK!

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laurel said...

Hey Allison,

So, i finally remembered to check out your blog/website, and I must say I'm very impressed. You obviously have such a rich creative outlet for all your varied musical/literary passions---I'd love for you to "connect", at least virtually, with my old high school friend Jami (you sort of remind me of a younger, less biting version of her and vice versa, probably has to do with the NY vs. Chicago thing). Her blog is whatever-whenever.net. I'll pass on the same suggestion to her....seems like creative types can also use the support of other creative types...