Monday, February 20, 2006

The Brown Line Shall Rise Again

As I was exiting the Rockwell station for the last time in its current incarnation yesterday evening, I saw that someone had tied a bunch of black balloons to the bike rack right outside Lake Claremont Press. A bit overdramatic perhaps, but it felt right. Not counting the months I lived in London, this (admittedly, temporary) station closure will mark the longest distance I have ever had to walk to/from my own home in order to access public transportation during my commute. Is it 2009 yet?

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Anonymous said...

O M G !!! 2009 until Rockwell returns? That's an absurd amount of time.
On a completely different issue and closest to the Fullerton stop, you must, must, must go see Tartuffe! You will love Nick as his Swaggart infused Tartuffe is a treat! Deliciously funny and with a few naughty bits. When I hugged him last night I imagined I was you--did you feel it? The second hug was for my own pleasure. All you have to do is wait outside the stage door (just to the immediate right as you exit the theater) and you can do it, too. Feel free to use my name as a prompt. :)
Feel better,