Monday, January 17, 2005


Sorry, media sluts; don't come crying to me looking for a Golden Globes recap. I didn't even realize the damn thing was on last night.

I did, however, finally get a chance to see Million Dollar Baby yesterday, and it's just as fab as everyone says it is. I wept like a small child, especially during the scene in the car when they're driving back after visiting with her mother. I vastly prefer this one to Mystic River.

Listened to Regeneration on my way in to work today. There was something about the combination of the sunshine and the bone-chilling cold that just made it seem like the right musical choice for the morning. It holds up beautifully. As enamored as I am of the DC's big fat orchestral stuff, I often forget what a solid, indie-rock effort this album is. Nigel Godrich's fingerprints are all over it (do you think he carries a glockenspiel around with him at all times, just in case?), and the emotional intimacy in both Neil's lyrics and his vocals is all the more startling and affecting the way it contrasts with the allusions and more archly witty word play that you find in the rest of his catalog. And "The Beauty Regime" is still one of the best album-closers ever.

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