Wednesday, October 27, 2004

NOT a Balehead

It seems like at least once a year for the past five or six years, someone's always forecasting how Christian Bale is poised to become the brightest shining mega-supernova of all hyper-celebrity actors in the known universe. And, curiously, it hasn't quite happened. (Yet. Yes, Batman is still on the way.)

I don't know, maybe it's because I was of the tween demographic (before it was called that) that Newsies was aimed at in its original theatrical release or because Little Women ranks high on my all-time favorite list, but, in my world, Christian Bale always has been a huge star. It's just an unquestionable fact of my pop cultural consciousness. So, the debate surrounding his fame or stardom or talent or box office viability or whatever has always struck me as being a combination of odd, redundant, and, I dunno, square?

Anyway, this week Cintra Wilson has a go at this sub-sub-sub-genre of entertainment journalism, the "Jesus! Christian Bale Is a Superstar!" revelation essay. It, typically, made me laugh out loud ("when I am Supreme Dictator, I will demand that all Americans watch [American Psycho] every Christmas morning"), grimace ("[humor] so subtle that American audiences probably missed it entirely (I did, on first viewing)"), and want to revist his (ahem) body of work again sometime soon.

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LunchPailTree said...

didjew know that Bret Easton Ellis is a Balehead?! :P I only just heard of the term just now!