Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

"I was a crazy creature with a headful of carnival spangles until I was thirty, and then the only man I ever really cared for stopped waiting and married someone else. So in spite, in anger at myself, I told myself I deserved my fate for not having married when the best chance was at hand. I started traveling. My luggage was snowed under blizzards of travel stickers. I have been alone in Paris, alone in Vienna, alone in London, and, all in all, it is very much like being alone in Green Town, Illinois. It is, in essence, being alone. Oh, you have plenty of time to think, improve your manners, sharpen your conversations. But I sometimes think I could easily trade a verb tense or a curtsy for some company that would stay over for a thirty-year weekend."

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kelsey said...

Did you know that you are the only person on the entire internet who has posted that amazing bit of Dandelion Wine? It's funny...just two days ago I printed out that exact part and read it until it was memorized, and here it is on your page today.